Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Shoot high-quality digital photos with Canon PowerShot digital cameras. Canon PowerShot cameras offer the best in digital camera technology, style and ease of use. Canon's optics, DIGIC processor and stunning design make PowerShot digital cameras the best choice for photographers at any level.

High-End, Advanced Digital Cameras

Canon's high-end PowerShot digital cameras incorporate the creative performance of a professional digital SLR camera and the compact convenience of a point-and-shoot.
PowerShot G11
PowerShot S90
PowerShot SX1 IS
PowerShot SX20 IS
PowerShot SX10 IS
PowerShot SX210 IS
PowerShot SX200 IS
PowerShot SX120 IS

D Series Digital Cameras

Waterproof. Freezeproof. Shockproof.
PowerShot D10

Performance and Style, Digital ELPH Cameras

Canon's point-and-shoot Digital ELPH Cameras are easy to use and boast an array of helpful shooting modes, creative features and advanced functions in an incredibly portable package.
PowerShot SD3500 IS
PowerShot SD980 IS
PowerShot SD960 IS
PowerShot SD940 IS
PowerShot SD1400 IS
PowerShot SD780 IS
PowerShot SD1300 IS
PowerShot SD1200 IS

Easy and Fun! A-Series Digital Cameras

You'll quickly discover that the easiest way to capture a great image is to simply "point" and "shoot" using any of our compact, feature-friendly A-Series digital cameras.
PowerShot A480
PowerShot A3100 IS
PowerShot A3000 IS
PowerShot A1100 IS
PowerShot A495
PowerShot A490